I am ready for this! It is almost time! First we dominate Destiny, you and I — then Inquisition! So many Saturdates dedicated to both of us just staring at our TV/monitor and looking over, briefly smiling at each other, then paying all the attention to Inquisition again! » 8/30/14 4:45pm Saturday 4:45pm

Cooking with Masculinity: French Toast and Chicken

Ladies and Gentlemen, I type before you with words I've never used more than the times I did before this. I'm sure there's a thought in there somewhere. And, where there's a thought, there's a brain-bicep yearning to jettison itself through your face-hole and punch its way directly into the face of someone who has it… » 8/29/14 2:44pm Friday 2:44pm

You are far too kind, random internet person. Your hate for me means you are thinking about me, and I'm glad that someone does think about me because, at times, it feels so lonely being as ruggedly awesome as I am. Not to mention handsome. » 8/10/14 4:24am 8/10/14 4:24am

While Admins are allowed to run amok and target people that disagree with them, get called out for their actions, in private might I add, and get to use fancy phrases like 'Watch yourself'. » 8/07/14 4:33am 8/07/14 4:33am

Yeah, I actually wasn't overly fond of Dance of Death. I didn't think it fit well with the rest of the music, either. Don't necessarily get a spy music vibe from it though — hard to describe what it would fit into. The most obvious answer is: not this game. » 8/01/14 6:38pm 8/01/14 6:38pm