Take the Bad with the Good so We can Enjoy the Bad Betterer

There I am, buying a sandwich after a long day of doing whatever it is I do on a regular basis, because I've earned this meal. I drive home, and turn on the radio because I like to take risks, take chances, make mistakes - I live on the edge, the tip of disaster, as at any moment a song by Katy Perry, Coldplay, or… »11/23/14 11:26pm11/23/14 11:26pm

Never Give Up, Never Be Positive - Tim Allen After Quitting Coke

Zeb. If there's anything I've learned in my amount of time here is that most of these people can't be reasoned with, they won't admit they are wrong and, most of all, they will never apologize - maybe in ultra-rare circumstances. Hell, most will have you know I can be pretty negative, especially when I disagree with… »10/24/14 11:12pm10/24/14 11:12pm


Acceptance is such a beautiful thing, and something that each and every one of us should strive for. In fact, tolerance and togetherness are all things being fought for, wars being raged from the comfort of our own chairs. If one were to look around, in the endless void of the internet, they could plainly see the vast… »10/20/14 5:49am10/20/14 5:49am

Woman Begins the Next Step in the Campaign to Destroy Gamers

In the past few weeks, we have seen outrage and disgust over corruption in games journalism, among many other things that actually prove nothing more than an irritating distraction; ones which have seemingly succeeded in turning us away from anything relating to reading about games, to just playing them ourselves. One… »9/17/14 11:39am9/17/14 11:39am

This is the first call for the next "___ Foods of ___ 2014 To Devour" article.

This is the first call for the next "___ Foods of ___ 2014 To Devour" article. Be aware that the large turnout of appetites last time and possibility of even more hunger will make me even more restrictive about what foods are allowed in. »9/08/14 2:07am9/08/14 2:07am

Cooking with Masculinity: French Toast and Chicken

Ladies and Gentlemen, I type before you with words I've never used more than the times I did before this. I'm sure there's a thought in there somewhere. And, where there's a thought, there's a brain-bicep yearning to jettison itself through your face-hole and punch its way directly into the face of someone who has it… »8/29/14 2:44pm8/29/14 2:44pm