Acceptance is such a beautiful thing, and something that each and every one of us should strive for. In fact, tolerance and togetherness are all things being fought for, wars being raged from the comfort of our own chairs. If one were to look around, in the endless void of the internet, they could plainly see the vast amount of hashtags prevalent in our social media-driven society. They could see the impact these tags are making in today's lifestyle, how these warriors string letters together to form powerful tags in which to roar their disgust at certain topics. They shout from their caps lock that the world should better itself because someone on the internet is fed up with how things are going and needs to be heard, cheering on those who are actually doing the work necessary for change, and feeling as though they did something of merit.

But one place can do it without the need for hashtags. And nowhere is acceptance more important and more prevalent than TAY.


You see, TAY strives on being open and warm to all who enter its loving embrace — providing an outlet for people who have opinions, letting their ideas flow forth, their ideas and musings heard and get the tolerance they should receive. After all, it is Talk Amongst Yourselves, where its denizens are free to have a different line of thinking, differentiating opinions and are welcomed to voice them if they stay within the confines of what views are allowed

It is here we see the epitome of togetherness, the very ideal of acceptance displayed proudly with users, commenters rallying against someone who brought up something controversial, something on their mind. Tolerance fully at work with comments stating that these certain opinions are not wanted and should remain off TAY, as it is not an appreciated line of thinking. Nothing screams acceptance more than seeing something you don't like then dismissing it and the person who wrote it in a manner hypocritical to what TAY stands for — as long as everyone agrees that they don't want to see it. Then negativity and disgust are the only feelings tolerated.


So, preach acceptance and utilize it in whatever way appropriate for the situation. Welcome people, loathe them, but most importantly do it together. To those newcomers, I welcome you, one and all, to TAY, where many commenters perfectly represent the Human race — a long, winding stretch of road built on popular opinion and to even speak of the ditches, the view on either side is an instant disqualification. Just follow what you're told to.

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