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You know, months ago, before 'The Event' occurred, I was obviously concerned and worried that TAY was losing its way. It actually all started with the Official use of the review assets, the use of 'The TAY Review' and how I believed TAY, or the people on it, rather, were becoming fixated with the thought of TAY becoming a professional spot in the Kinja system. I earned a lot of ire for it, lots of backlash for my stance, which seemed very much against the grain of what this community stood for.


So, let's fast-forward to right now. We have people stating some posts should be kept on Classic, or should never be posted at all, removed from public eye, an over-abundance of reviews, lists and everything in between, with the standard, daily posts to break it up.

There are no cheeky posts. There's no funny write-ups anymore, for the most part. A lot of the fun, a lot of the humor, died out, save only the comments.


First TAY was about a group of people coming together talking about their love of games. Then, came the better, more well-written articles, the ones that would get shared directly to Kotaku. After a while, people started trying to use it as a means to make a name for themselves, linking to the personal sites, or just writing professionally for the sake of doing so. Now, people have changed away from their monikers, others stating that some posts don't actually deserve to be on TAY.

Why doesn't it deserve to be on TAY?

By the way, I'm banned and can still post on Classic, so when you are told that your post belongs on Classic, it means it deserves to be in the same place as the guy who can't actually post on Main TAY anymore. Conversely, Classic is also for those who have never posted before, or don't have authorship. Of course, it is also a place for posts that maybe have nowhere to go, some series that maybe should go on TAY.


So, we need to look at what it means to be a TAY Author, and perhaps take a look at what TAY is in the process.

Here is how TAY has been made to see TAY:


TAY is the main portal for Kotaku's reader sub-blog. Thus, we are working in the confines of Kinja's blog format with its author and article structure. TAY (or main TAY as we call it) is generally for pieces that have some depth, create discussion, notify others about news or an event, or for general entertainment purposes. Only authors can post articles on TAY, butanybody can comment.

TAYCLASSIC, on the other hand, is the anything goes, unofficial open world space of TAY. Think of it as the "coffee lounge." It is where new members can post their articles, and where anyone can come to take a load off or shoot the breeze.

From a technical standpoint, here's the distinction between the two: TAYCLASSICis not part of the TAY sub-blog/domain. It's a Kinja tag, meaning some of the posts are on personal blogs. When making a post intended for only TAYCLASSIC, include the "TAYCLASSIC" tag in the appropriate field and post it to your personal blog. It will be displayed in Kinja searches. Unlike TAY,anybody can post and comment on TAYCLASSIC.

At that point, authors may choose to share your article to TAY. Once an admin thinks you've proven yourself, you'll be granted authorship. You may not be granted authorship on your first try, but don't let that discourage you!

III. Authorship and Posting Etiquette

Authorship does not mean you have to post a certain amount to keep your status. Authorship is just the official term for being able to post on any given Kinja blog. Don't feel like you need to contribute a certain quality or quantity of articles. Post what you feel like posting, when you feel like it, and if you just want to hang out with your fellows TAY'ers, that's fine too!

TAY is a fairly accepting community and is open to whatever ideas you might have. If you want to post your manifesto, "How Mario Kart Stole Mortal Kombat's Acronym Schtick and WHY IT MATTERS", go for it. Just make sure you follow the posting etiquette guidelines below.

Also, as an author, you have the power to share articles from other blogs to TAY!

Posting Etiquette

We're not professionals, but organization and accountability is important. There's also a chance your piece may get shared to Kotaku's main page or in the daily TAY round-up, so it's in your best interest to keep things neat and orderly.

Each person writes differently, but here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Capitalize the first letter of appropriate title words
  • Have a descriptive title
  • Make proper use of tags
  • Use a header image (the "perfect" width for a large image is 636px)
  • Avoid topic/content saturation: don't report on the same exact news topic or beat a dead horse (poor Epona)
  • "Host your post": participate with commentors on your articles, especially right after it's published
  • "TAY PSA" articles are for admin announcements and community related posts only

This is ripped directly from the TAYtorial. Being an author means you have an obligation to write things with more depth, or for discourse with other people on TAY — It is generally for well-written articles, and the like. If it is not well-written, then it has no place on TAY and should go to the Land of Misfit Posts, essentially, despite your authorship.


Question, by the way: How many people have been granted authorship simply by stating in comments that they do not have it? Likewise, which Admins have granted authorship to those people who have asked for it, or made mention in a comment they haven't authorship?

Now, in the TAYtorial, it says that Classic is your 'coffee lounge' for all things that don't fit anywhere else. It is where you post things, mainly, for silly fun, that don't have the proper structure to fit on TAY itself. However, if one decides to take a gander at the posts on it, it mainly has first-time Kinja writers, or the cross-posts of the daily articles, as well as Main TAY articles who have tagged Classic.


Aside from Disturbed's series, and the occasional BAO, Classic is a wasteland of festering nothingness. There are almost no new posts to make it actually be the hangout the TAYtorial describes it as being. Nothing really happens on Classic, aside from small blurbs and the sometimes posts from aspiring TAY Authors.

If Classic really is a 'coffee lounge' then it's one whose building is dilapidated because STAYrbucks has a location right across the street.


Now, I have a book of Face, like many here, I'm sure. Have you noticed that several times, when they post about something written on TAY, they used the term 'Community Forum'?

A Forum is as follows: 'a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.' Or, more apropos: 'an Internet site where users can post comments about a particular issue or topic and reply to other users' postings; a message board'.


There's no limit on what can be discussed, in a forum. No particular guideline on conversation etiquette, professional or otherwise, in a forum. A forum is where everyone who wants to talk about anything, can meet and have discourse with others about the topics chosen. A forum isn't professional, it's a place to meet, to greet and chat.

Yet, we have elected to govern ourselves, and TAY, by what is worthy to be conversed about, strictly by how it is written. If a write-up does not meet the standards we set for ourselves, for TAY itself, then it does not belong.


So what does it mean, when someone says 'This post shouldn't be on Main TAY'? Does it mean that you should stop writing? Does it mean that you need to write a bit more professionally? Do you need to focus more on games? Did you not meet the standards set forth my those who govern the site?


It simply means your write-up, somehow, didn't live up to this. Historically, TAY is a site where anything goes. Right now it is not. Maybe that needs to change.


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