Zeb. If there's anything I've learned in my amount of time here is that most of these people can't be reasoned with, they won't admit they are wrong and, most of all, they will never apologize - maybe in ultra-rare circumstances. Hell, most will have you know I can be pretty negative, especially when I disagree with something, things will get heated but, in the end, there is compromise. I'm pretty blunt, pretty harsh, but always fair. And I have, and will always, admit when I'm wrong, even publicly apologize with a long Blip, or what have you.

But as sure as I am writing this, I promise you that it will get better, there will be positivity, be that sense of community that is so prevalent. You will experience that.


Just write something about Ubisoft, or Nintendo, or anime, or whatever the fuck the cool people talk about.

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