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There I am, buying a sandwich after a long day of doing whatever it is I do on a regular basis, because I've earned this meal. I drive home, and turn on the radio because I like to take risks, take chances, make mistakes - I live on the edge, the tip of disaster, as at any moment a song by Katy Perry, Coldplay, or Tongue-Halfway-Outta-Her Face Cyrus could strike and I would be at the mercy of, well, my hands, which would start punching the stereo out of my car. But no. Not on this day. This day I get some broadcast about how meat is murder. It's the same thing I have heard over and over, to the point I might make murder-sammiches outta them!


But I digress. I get home and set the sammich down on the most badass plate I own, which is made of marbled biceps. I take a bite of the sammich and it's amazing. Every bite is filled with the taste of success, the flavor of victory. Then I'm suddenly struck by a terrifying and startling realization:

Not once did I taste any mustard in that sammich.

But I've always eaten mustard on my sammiches. In fact, the first sandwich I ever ate had mustard on it, and it's partly what drew me into my current appetite-lust for sandwiches. Instantly I am reminded of how much I enjoyed mustard on all of my other sandwiches. It is the purest form of taste and this sandwich lacked it. I mean, I of course still enjoyed it nonetheless, but I can't help but wonder if I would have been immersed in my sammich even harder if the flavorful flavor of mustard was on it.


And then I think of rape in Dragon Age, and the lack thereof in Inquisition.

You see, I'm so accustomed to it in the series that it not making any kind of appearance in Inquisition just takes me right out of the experience, totally shuns me from getting the fullest enjoyment of the game. And that's why I play these games - to enjoy them, to beat them, and get lost in all the excitement that sexual assault provides.


So, how does my infatuation with rape in Dragon Age affect me in real life, you might wonder? Easy to explain, really. You see, our world is filled with such awful atrocities, which transpire on a daily basis, that regular news broadcasts are filled to the brim with the latest details. Kidnappings, murders, mass suicides - the list goes on. So I make sure I tune into every news outlet I can to ensure I am constantly reminded of how awful this world is.

In fact, the only things I usually watch outside of the news are the historical documentaries about how the White man raped and pillaged the land we took from the Native Americans.


So, the biggest question I'm sure everyone is asking is: 'Why would you do this?' It's because I want to enjoy the world, enjoy life. And all I have ever known in it is the suffering that people inflict upon each other. Without a constant reminder of such I know I will never be able to fully enjoy the world that I was born in to. But it's not like I am asking for all these things to happen, I would just rather them happen, or be talked about, so I know that the world is still dreary and horrible.

And that's why I need rape in Dragon Age: Inquisition, so I know that Thedas is still terrible. Because apparently if we don't talk about all the terrible things that ever happened, it would be like it never existed.


So, don't be like this guy, be the one with a memory. Remember these things happened, and don't get enjoyment from it.


Because you're better than that. You're not disgusting. Don't be him.

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