This is the first call for the next "___ Foods of ___ 2014 To Devour" article. Be aware that the large turnout of appetites last time and possibility of even more hunger will make me even more restrictive about what foods are allowed in.


There'll be a couple of changes to meal preparation:

  • It will be released in the week between hours 6 and 7 of most meal times.
  • There will only be a maximum of ten plates that make the cut this time.
  • The only foods allowed in will be the ones that taste the hardest and enrage me.

You may express interest in this blip for now. Participants in the last Man Meals and early arrivals here will have a greater chance of getting in. Remember that this is totally inclusive in the sense that I'm including only a few people and keeping others out. Totally inclusive. You're welcome.

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