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What is Kinja Crosspost and Who Can Contribute?

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Ladies and gentlemen, I type before you in a never-before seen way — with the power of letters. With this power comes the necessity to spell words and use them coherently, in sentence form, as to convey thoughts and feelings toward the public.


But that doesn't matter. Sentence fragments!

With the unleashing of subblogs upon the world of Kinja, the need has never been greater for one outfit — no, one subblog — to index each crosspost and re-share them for the world to see. Again.


Thus Kinja Crosspost was born! This subblog dedicates its very existence to sharing to the world what has already been shared in an effort to allow people, who've already seen what was shared, to see it once more, as many times as needed. This subblog will feature absolutely zero original content in order to further drive home the point that you need see nothing more than something you already have. And, by cataloging each crosspost, you can rest assured that we will be your best source for article-reruns of your favorite, regular Kinja programming.

So how can you participate? Easy. Write something on your personal blog, then share it to your favorite blog or subblog of your choosing. You can rest easy knowing that the more people whom see it the first time will be ready and able to view it again, whether they like it or not.


And authorship has never been easier to gain! Simply crosspost your articles enough and we will come looking for you with an acceptance letter we already sent you a dozen copies of.

So, come with us on this glorious journey through 'didn't I just read that?' lane, and you will never be happier!


Join us, won't you?

You can find the leader of this subblog, General McFist, on both Twitter and in his flex cave on the Kinjasphere. Plus, as an added bonus to everyone everywhere, you can find Kinja Crosspost on Twitter, as well!

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